Why did I set fire to our factory?

How do fire drills in factories work? Take a quick look at its process.

Why did I set fire to our factory?

What is a “fire drill”? A simple understanding is: “Fire drill refers to the company or factory and some crowded places, assuming that a fire occurred in a certain area or floor, where the people in these areas and nearby people simulated, conducted an evacuation, evacuation, escape drills .” Of course, in addition to escape, but also received training in fire safety knowledge, such as how to use fire extinguishers, evacuate, run, and be stunned by fire smoke, suffocating people rescue, etc.

Someone who has worked in the factory should have participated in the fire drills held in the factory, right? But for the factory fire drills, some small factories, or weak awareness of fire safety, rarely done there, may only occasionally do a do or cope with the matter.

However, as required, this fire drill is advised to do at least twice a year. The benefits are as below,

  1. Strengthen the safety awareness of employees and learn how to escape;
  2. Teach everyone how to use fire extinguishers and water belts;
  3. Learn some relevant fire safety knowledge to strengthen safety awareness.

So do a fire drill, what things to pay attention to? What props to prepare? What information to do in advance?

These are all things that must be planned and notified in advance, all in advance to everyone involved.

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