Tubular Gas Burner Manufacturer in China

We are committed to helping our customers get the most cost-effective tubular gas burners for gas water heaters, gas boilers and gas pizza ovens.

  • Save nearly 2/3 of the purchase cost compared to your local purchase
  • World-class combustion efficiency and quality
  • We have almost everything you want
  • Can be customized according to customer requirements

BNGAS Tubular Gas Burner

Tubular Gas Burners are made of stainless steel or Aluminized tubes and have different shapes of holders. The second and third series of gases can be used by simply replacing the injectors. With a few exceptions, no air adjustment is required.

The power ranges from 3 kW to 35 kW, and if the power of a single burner is insufficient, multiple burners can be installed and used simultaneously to increase the power.

Tubular Gas Burners can be adapted to a wide range of applications, including:

  • Large storage water heaters
  • Floor-standing boilers
  • Stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Air heaters / hot air generators
  • Catering equipment, such as stoves, ovens, fryers, etc.
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Tubular Gas Burner Series


Barbecue gas grill straight tube burner for replacement

Material: 201/304/409 stainless steel

Diameter: 1″(25.4mm), customizable

Length: customizable or according to the original bbq grill mode


1 inch Burner for EG EGH Boilers Steel Tube

Material: Aluminized Steel Tube

Diameter: 1-1/4″ (32mm), customizable

Length: customizable or according to the original bbq grill mode


Fits various makes and models of commercial catering appliances

Material: 304,  430 stainless steel

Diameter: 30x50mm, customizable

Length: customizable, Maximum Total Length=700mm


Fits various makes and models of convection oven

Material: 304,  430 stainless steel

Diameter: 1.57″(40mm)

Length: Customized, Maximum Total Length=680mm


Fits various makes and models of gas grills, heaters and fireplace

Material: 304,  430 stainless steel

Diameter: 2″(50mm)

Length: Customized, Maximum Total Length=980mm


Fits various makes and models of gas grills, heaters and Laundry dryers

Material: 304,  430 stainless steel

Diameter: 2.36″(60mm)

Length: Customized, Maximum Total Length=980mm

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Tubular Gas Burner By Materials

Customizable Fire Hole Arrangements

BNGAS Tubular Gas Burner Advantages


If you buy one you may not care about the cost, but you usually have to put at least 2-6 of them in a gas boiler, so you have to think about saving costs.


Like many multinational companies can only let customers adapt their products, but we can create unique products for you.

Energy Conservation
Energy Conservation

Our products are designed to consume low gas consumption multigas than normal and provide some protection to the environment.


BNGAS products have a consistent, improved process and new design. It will be more hassle-free to use. Extended service life.

Production Runs

BNGAS has complete control over the production process from start to finish. We can make small or large production runs for tubular gas burners. The process for tubular gas burners is as follows:

Laser Cutting
sonic cleaning, and more.

We can make small or large production runs for tubular gas burners. Our team will choose the right process for your unit.

Production Runs
Production Testing

Production Testing

From the moment the raw material arrives at our factory, we have already started our testing process.

We have our own strict Standard Operating Procedure, and if they don’t meet our passing standards, we would rather delay the delivery date than ship the product.

Such as Material inspection before production, quality inspection during production, full quality inspection before shipment and ignition test.

Packaging Scheme

We have a variety of customized packaging schemes, and we will choose the appropriate packaging method according to different product volumes, weights and shapes.

For example, for a 50 mm diameter tubular gas burner, we have customized a 400×395 mm carton, which can load 49 pcs of the burners. The height varies according to the length of the burner.

Packaging Scheme

Choose BNGAS Tubular Gas Burner

Company Advantages
Company Advantages-1

Do you need help with your prototyping in business? Bngas can be your reliable partner. We produce and develop tubular gas burners to elevate your successful product launching.

BNGAS has wide capabilities for tubular gas burner fabrication, assemblies, and weldments. During the development, we use automated and manual machines to create prototypes according to your desired assembly, cuts, bent, and forms.

Our team consists of highly-experienced project engineers that will work with you. We also have a friendly customer service staff that will help you understand your product production needs. They will guide you through available processes and materials to get you your exact prototypes.

We got your back if you need tubular gas burner fabrication. Please contact us today!

BNGAS: Your Tubular Gas Burner Manufacturer

Bngas Molds
Custom Your Suitable Tubular Gas Burner

BNGAS can fully customize tubular gas burners to fit your business/branding needs. From design to manufacturing to all processes. With this, we will choose the right technology for your burner. A variety of different brackets are also available. This is to ensure a unique mounting position for your product.

Атмосферная горелка burner

BNGAS has extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of tubular gas burners. With our skilled process technicians and high-tech tools and equipment, BNGAS can provide you with a one-stop shop for gas accessories and solutions, making it simpler to find the most comprehensive one-stop manufacturer.

BNGAS Tubular Gas Burners For Commercial Applications

Tubular Burner For Gas Pizza Oven
Tubular Gas Burner For Pizza Oven

This type of tabletop gas pizza oven usually uses 40mm or 50mm diameter tubular gas burners for heating. We will replace the entire burner material with 304 stainless steel if required by the customer.

Tubular Burner For Gas Boiler
Tubular Gas Burner For Gas Boiler

This gas water heater and boiler will generally choose a 50mm or 60mm diameter tubular gas burner. Usually, a row of tubes is placed side by side to increase their combustion power. We use the same process as the Poxxxxxo brand to produce a more affordable product. And we make them all in stainless steel.

Gas Module For Pizza Oven
Gas Module For Pizza Oven

You can quickly convert your pizza oven to gas. The gas module can be easily connected to all standard sizes of gas cylinders. Finally, there is good news for all the cleaning freaks: no ashes form when baking pizza with gas. The continuously adjustable gas burner makes it very hot in your oven, with no less than 4 kW of power.

Gas Module For Gas Grill
Gas Module For Komado Grill

The Quick Change Gas Module has transformed the Komado with its unique ability to convert our grills between charcoal and gas. You can enjoy the convenience of gas grilling Monday through Friday, whether it’s hamburgers, chicken, roasts or hot dogs, or enjoy low and slow charcoal cooking of ribs, brisket or pork shoulder on the weekend.

Banner_BNGAS Tubular Burner Manufacturer in China
BNGAS Tubular Gas Burner Manufacturer in China

Over 16 years in the business. ISO certified. High-quality Tubular Gas Burner- standard and custom designs. Competitive pricing.

  • “The Gas Burner has blown me away! The quality is considerably superior to What you would anticipate for the money.”

  • “Great service BNGAS, I received it on time, and it’s exactly what I need for my business.”

  • “Highly recommended manufacturer! I’ve been having difficulty thinking about where to custom tubular gas burners for my project. I found it here, in BNGAS!”

  • “Aron is the most timely and professional person I have ever met in the industry. He always shows up in time to help you solve problems.”

Tubular Gas Burner: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You will find it right here if you are looking for any information about the Tubular gas Burner.

Whether you want to learn about designs, features, material type, or options available – you will find all information you need in this guide.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Can you customize my own Tubular Gas Burner?

Yes, we provide OEM service, can customize products for you and put your logo on the products and packages.Figure 1- Tubular Burner for the Pizza Oven

You can provide so many varieties of gas appliance parts, are they all made by you?

Frankly speaking, no one can produce all the products. But we are the largest comprehensive manufacturer of gas parts in China. We have our supply chain system and will eventually assemble it in our factory and test it before shipping.

Currently, our factories are located in Ningbo (Electrode, Igniters, thermocouples, Valves), and Changxing (Gas burners, Pilot burners, ODS, Brass fittings, OEM Projects).

What kinds of quotes do you offer?

According to your needs, FOB, CIF, EXW, DDU, DDP, and other ways.

How to pay?

30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment

We accept all kinds of Payments, T/T, L/C, Paypal, Westunion, Cash, and even credit card.

How to transport my goods?

By Sea,  Air and other Express Delivery ways for you.

Can I make a trial order?

Sure, you can. Please inquiry us.

Can I order on Alibaba and get trade assurance?

Yes, We are 14 Year golden supplier on Alibaba and a member of the Trade Assurance service.

Figure 2- Alibaba golden supplier

Do you have after-sales service?

Indeed, you can contact us at any time.

What's the warranty of your products I get from you?

We have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. Usually, we guarantee one year after the delivery date. You can exchange the goods for free if the quality doesn’t meet the standard.

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