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BNGAS have been focusing on providing superior quality and reliable gas pilot burner for more than 16 years. We offer customers a variety of Pilot Burners, you can find most of what you need here.




BNGAS® Pilot Assembly

The Pilot Assembly parts include the injector, 30 mV thermocouple/750 mV thermopile  (depending on model), electrode, ignition wire, pilot tubing, and bracket.

They are used in various natural and LP gas-fired equipment, ensuring that the main burner’s flame is properly and safely formed and does not go out when the appliance is in use.

They are classified as thermoelectric-type safety devices or ion-detection safety devices.

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Product By Bngas Models

Even though you can find most of the Pilot Assembly you want here, be sure to confirm the details with us because they are all customizable.


Pilot Hood: 5 flame

Gas Source: NG / LPG

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Product By Bngas Series

We have divided some series according to similar brackets or flame hoods to facilitate customers to find what they need faster. Some of them are similar to SIT series.

  • B2205_Series_1

    This pilot burner series can be adjusted the gas flow through the end of a screw. They can be used with any gas.

    The advantages are versatility, simplicity of design, economy and good performance characteristics. They are widely used in commercial kitchens.

  • BN2217

    This pilot burner series can only use secondary air to achieve reliable performance.

    They are suitable for gas appliances that need to reduce gas consumption. They can be used with any gas if you change their various injectors.

  • BN2218

    This pilot burner series can only use secondary air to avoid the effects of dust clogging caused by primary air. They can use various gases after changing different injectors.

    They are popularly used in gas heaters, boilers and furnaces.

  • BN2218A

    This pilot burner series can only use secondary air to avoid the effects of dust clogging caused by primary air. They can use various gases after changing different nozzles.

    Due to its simplicity, it adapts itself to the most demanding working conditions.

  • BN2214

    This pilot burner series relies on a pre-set injector to improve operating stability. Various gases can be used with different injectors installed.

    Usually applied in gas water heaters or boilers. It is used with Tubular Gas Burners.

  • BN2203

    This pilot burner series is available with thermocouples and thermopiles installed (continuous pilot ignition) or two electrodes installed (intermittent pilot ignition).

    The pilot burners have 2, 3 or 4 flames in different directions, and their pilot hoods are divided into fixed and removable, with additional brackets. They are often used in gas fireplaces.

  • BN2210

    This pilot burner series is almost identical to the BN2203 series with a pilot tube, thermocouple, thermopile and electrode assembly with ignition wires for continuous pilot ignition or install two electrodes for intermittent pilot ignition.

    They have a rotatable hood with different mounting brackets for easy installation. Have 2, 3 or 4 flames in different directions. They are often used in gas fireplaces.

  • BN2223

    This PRIME AIR series consists of a single-port flame burner, thermocouple, ignition electrode with wire, and a pilot tube with brass nut and olive.

    This bracket is very easy to replace the thermocouple and electrode. Various gases can be used with different injectors installed. They are often used in storage water heaters.

Features of BNGAS® Pilot Assembly

Icon_ Variety

We provide a wide range of models of pilot burners. You can find almost all of your needs here.

Icon_ Customizable

Almost all of our pilot burners are customizable, we can produce them according to your requirements.

Icon_ Affordable

All models with different specifications are offered affordably. They are made from suitable yet quality materials.

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Quality Assurance

BNGAS® pilot burners are made from the best and most durable raw materials, produced and assembled through a rigorous manufacturing process.

BNGAS® Pilot Burner Parts Production

BNGAS uses the most advanced machines and equipment manufacturing the Pilot Burner. They are assembly together from many parts, such as:

Pilot Burner Parts Production
Pilot Burner Assembly

BNGAS® Pilot Burner Assembly

BNGAS will self-inspect all parts before assembling the pilot burner and manually assemble them after passing.

Some pilot burners are assembled with thermocouples, thermopiles, ignition wires, or pilot tubing. This requires a very high level of mounting position on the bracket; if the position is not precise, the flame will not burn and will not be protected.

BNGAS® Pilot Burners Packaging

When the assembled pilot burners have passed the test, our staff pack them into cartons. They fit very safely into multiple inner boxes, are finally placed on pallets, and are delivered in stable condition to their destination.

Some products can also be packaged in individual plastic bags according to customer requirements.

Pilot Burners Packaging
Pilot Burners Ignition Testing

BNGAS® Pilot Burners Ignition Testing

All BNGAS® Pilot Burners have passed 100% self-testing, and some have passed CSA certification. During our self-test, we perform an ignition test to ensure that the parts are installed in the correct position for stable working.

Since pilot burner products are hand assembled, it is impossible to guarantee that every product is assembled correctly, so they must pass a pre-shipment test to ensure their quality.

Choose BNGAS to Custom Pilot Assembly

Custom Pilot Burner-1
Custom Pilot Burner-2

BNGAS design and manufactures pilot Assembly for use in various gas applications. We can modify the design according to the actual needs of each customer for the best effect.

We have been manufacturing pilot burners, ODS, gas burners, thermocouples, thermopiles, and other gas accessories since 2007. Quality and service are the most important to our company, and we can provide a one-stop service for the design and production of gas components.

OEM & ODM BNGAS Pilot Assembly Applications

Pilot Burner for Commercial Restaurant
Pilot Burner for Commercial Restaurant

Our BN2205 series is commonly used in commercial kitchens in the UK. When people use Chinese cooktops for cooking food, you need a reasonable price and quality pilot burner.B2205_Series

Pilot Burner for Gas Water Heater
Pilot Burner for Gas Water Heater

Our BN2230 is perfect for Reliance, A.O. Smith, Kenmore, and State natural gas water heaters. Made of high-quality materials, it contains a 190-degree Celsius micro thermostat to provide consumers with constant hot water.


Pilot Burner for Gas Fireplace
Pilot Burner for Gas Fireplace

We have a wide selection of ODS Sensors for gas fireplaces, the best-selling models are BN3302_Series and BN3308_Series.Pilot Burner for Gas Fireplace-1

Pilot Burner for Gas Pizza Oven
Pilot Burner for Gas Pizza Oven

Most gas pizza ovens on the market do not use pilot burners for safety. This is not common and if you want to make your pizza oven different, feel free to look to BNGAS to customize your complete gas tubular burner module.

Pilot Burner for Gas Pizza Oven-1

Pilot Burner for Gas Boiler
Pilot Burner for Gas Boiler

We have a large selection of pilot burners for gas boilers for our customers. Our BN2214 series is very close to SIT’s 160 series, making it easy for customers to modify the size.Pilot Burner for Gas Boiler-1

Banner_Pilot Burner Manufacturer-1
BNGAS Pilot Assembly Customized Services

Open for the OEM and ODM services globally. Over a decade of manufacturing experience in design and quality to help clients win the market.

PILOT BURNER ASSEMBLY - Bryant Carrier 3 Wire Pilot Burner

Model Number: BN2227
Case EOQ: 3
Fits: Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, Payne

BN2227 BN2227-1 BN2227-2

BN2227- Explode Drawing

  • For use with older Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, Payne furnaces
  • 740A Electronic Ignition Switch with built-in Safety 740A Electronic Ignition Switch with built-in Safety
  • Differential expansion pilot equipped w/ a 3 lead SPDT switch for use w/ a hot surface Ignitor or spark Ignition
  • The pilot does have a relay, it is heat activated
  • Replaces Pilot Burner Part Numbers 535740A 535-740A LH680005 1830-620 535-740 535-740A LH680005 P671-1406 CARL38999 CAR1830620 740A 1830-620 535740A
  • 3-wire is also field convertible to a 2-wire
  • 7″L x 3″W x 1″H
  • Replaces #LH680005

Flame TestingWhat is the Pilot Burner?

The pilot burner is named pilot light or pilot assembly. It is a small flame device using natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, replacing the traditional manual ignition with an automatic ignition for a safe gas-control system.

The pilot burner not only ignites the main gas burner but also generates sufficient millivoltage to control a thermocouple or thermopile to trigger a device that safely shuts off the gas supply.

The commonly used pilot burners can be divided into those using Premixed Air and non-premixed Air types.

Figure 1-1 Premixed Air Type
Figure 1-1 Premixed Air Type
Figure 1-2 Non-premixed Air Type
Figure 1-2 Non-premixed Air Type










The pilot burner assembly consists of a bracket, orifice, primary air inlet, lint screen, mixing chamber, pilot port, and pilot hood.


Figure 1-3 Pilot Bracket
Figure 1-3 Pilot Bracket
Is the Pilot Burner for heating furnace burning all the time?

In principle, they should stay burning if you can ensure that the furnace is always burning. But if too much debris builds up in the gas furnace, or if the gas is not pure, it may cause problems with the pilot burner assembly, and even the automatic ignition device will not work correctly. So make sure you check them regularly.

What is the MOQ of your Pilot Burner?

In most cases, it is difficult for a manufacturer to schedule raw materials and production lines with too small quantities.

Therefore, we set a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pcs of each. If we have the same product in production, we can reduce the amount to 500 of each.

What is the delivery time of your Pilot Burner?

It depends on our current order situation. Our lead time is 30-45 working days if we have all the materials or 60-90 working days if we have a lot of orders piling up or need to wait for certain raw materials to arrive.

What's your payment method?

For new customers, we require 30% advance payment to be received before production can be scheduled, and the balance before delivery.

Do your Pilot Assembly have certification?

Yes, some models are CE or CSA certified, if the model you need happens to be uncertified, we support doing the certification for you.

Can you customize the pilot burner according to my sample?

Certainly, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for our clients.

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