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BNGAS manufactures a wide range of Oxygen Depletion Sensors for gas heaters or fireplaces. They are manufactured and assembled in strict accordance with ANSI certification requirements.

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  • Support customization

What is an ODS and how does it work?

The Oxygen Depletion Sensor is a safety pilot system connected to the gas valve. They are used in all modern vent-free heaters and fireplaces.

It starts to work and shut off the gas supply when the oxygen content in the confined space drops to 18% from a normal 21%+. It is closed by the thermocouple of the ODS Sensor. Due to the oxygen reduction, the flame can’t burn the thermocouple.

With many years of manufacturing experience, we are regularly asked if oxygen depletion sensors can protect safety in gas heaters or fireplaces. We tell them that “it’s not the lack of oxygen that kills, it’s the increase in carbon monoxide levels”. This is because when there is a lack of oxygen, some other gas in the room will replace the oxygen. The “other gas” could be carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, both harmful to humans.

Figure 1-1 ODS Sensor Testing

Can the oxygen depletion sensor protect you?

Although initially designed to do so, in practice, it won’t strictly protect you from inhaling carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide gas—more on that at the bottom of the page.

Assuming that the oxygen level in the room drops from 21% to 18.5%, you will need to replenish 2.5% of the gas. Unfortunately, most are carbon dioxide, and more than 3% are harmful to the human body.

Carbon monoxide is even worse, if the body inhales more than 400 ppm, it will be poisoned within a few hours, and more than 1600 ppm will be dangerous in a few minutes.

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Product By Bngas Models

BNGAS has a wide range of Oxygen Depletion Sensors. You can find most you want here. Be sure to confirm the details with us because they are all customizable.


Pilot Hood: 3 flame

Gas Source: NG / LPG


Pilot Hood: 1 flame

Gas Source: NG & LPG


Pilot Hood: 1 flame

Gas Source: NG & LPG

21 Products Found.

Product By Bngas Series

We have divided some series according to similar brackets or flame hoods to facilitate customers to find what they need faster. Some of them are similar to SIT series.

  • BN3301_Series

    Double flame burner with vertical outlet

    Different types of brackets

    4 mm, 6 mm, and 1/4″ pilot tube shear-off

    With or without a thermocouple

    Use NG or LPG

  • BN3302_Series

    Double flame burner with vertical outlet

    Different types of brackets and different orientations

    4 mm, 6 mm, and 1/4″ pilot tube shear-off

    With one wire, double wire, copper capillary, or braided wire thermocouple

    Use NG or LPG

  • BN3308_Series

    Signal flame burner with horizontal outlet

    4 mm, 6 mm, 1/4″ pilot tube shear-off, and 5 mm (3/16″) tube

    With or without thermopile support

    With one wire thermocouple, thermocouple welded on the burner

    Use NG or LPG


Advantages of ODS

An Oxygen Depletion Sensor is used to monitor the oxygen level in the room where your device is working. With it, you can monitor the amount of oxygen in an area and safely cut off the gas, so they are very necessary.

  • Continuous Protection
  • Device Security
  • Consistency testing
Risks of ODS

Do not believe at any time that these parts are completely safe and reliable. Because life is only once, in case of problems will be too late to regret. Every responsible manufacturer will inform buyers as follows:

  • Do not use a gas fireplace or heater indoors with windows closed.
  • Do not use a gas fireplace or heater while sleeping
  • Get a professional to check your equipment at least once a year

OEM & ODM BNGAS ODS Sensor Applications

ODS for Ventless Gas Logs
ODS for Ventless Gas Logs

ODS Sensor is present in almost every ventless gas log and is a critical safety component.



ODS for Gas Heaters
ODS for Gas Heaters

ODS Sensor is present in almost every ventless gas heater and is a critical safety component.



Cleaning the ODS Sensor

The easiest way to do this is to use an air compressor gun to blow air into the intake hole (the round hole next to Nut A). You do not need to loosen the nuts. To clean more thoroughly, you should use an open-end wrench to hold nut A. Then loosen nut B from the pilot tube. After removing the old nut B, blow air into the hole inside the threads in the direction of the arrow. The purpose is to clean off dust, cobwebs, or lint. Remember to replace nut B after you have done this.

Figure 2-1 Cleaning ODS Sensor

Lighting the Pilot

Before you light the ODS Sensor, make sure you don’t smell a leak around before you light it. If you smell gas, call a repairer to come to your home immediately to check it out and stop the ignition. If everything goes well, follow the steps below to light the pilot:

Figure 2-2 Lighting the Pilot

  1. Turn off the gas control knob.
  2. Turn off the gas flow adjustment knob (manual or remote control).
  3. Wait 10 minutes for the gas to disappear automatically, and proceed to the next step only after you cannot smell any gas.
  4. Follow the pilot tube connected to the gas control to find the pilot.
  5. Turn the gas control knob counterclockwise to the pilot position
  6. Keep the control knob pressed down and immediately lighted the pilot with the piezo igniter. After ignition, hold the control button for one minute before releasing it. If the knob does not pop out automatically, you will need to call a technician to come to your home for repair. If the pilot does not ignite, repeat this procedure.
  7. Turn the gas control knob counterclockwise to the on position.
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As a manufacturer, we must have a minimum order quantity to be accountable to everyone. Suppose your customers bypass you and buy dozens or hundreds from us. Should we sell to them directly?

That’s why we set the MOQ at 1,000 pcs to protect everyone’s interest.

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Our Regular delivery time is 30 working days.

However, as our orders have been increasing since the start of the coronavirus, our delivery times are 30-90 working days, depending on the product.

Do you have a SIT or Polidoro model?

Proud to tell you that you can find almost most of the models you want here. If you don’t have the same one or are not sure if it is exactly the same, please send us a sample to confirm.

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Figure 3-1 Individual Package
Figure 3-1 Individual Package
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