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BNGAS is a certified manufacturer in China that is specialized in designing Gas Burner, such as Tubular burners, U burners, gas grill burners, HVAC burners, and furnace burner assembly.

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What are gas burner pipes?

Before diving into what you should know about custom gas burner pipes, let’s go over what gas burner pipes are. A gas burner is a mechanism that can create and sustain a controlled flame by mixing a specific type of fuel, such as propane, with an oxidizer.

People use gas burner pipes for all kinds of things. For example, gas burner pipes are commonly found in gas boilers, gas water heaters, gas grills, gas fireplaces, and portable gas cookers.

How many types of gas burner pipes can we make?

There are four types of gas burner pipes: atmospheric, power, forced & induced draft, and premix & pressure power—the difference between them is based on their design. The Atmospheric gas burners use air at atmospheric pressure to be mixed evenly with the gas before combustion.

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Product By Bngas Models

BNGAS has a wide range of Gas Burners. You can find most you want here. Be sure to confirm the details with us because they are all customizable.

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Gas Burner Pipes By Types

Because of our gas burner’s wide range of uses, they cannot be classified purely based on their application. For example, the Tubular Gas Burner can be used in a gas boiler, gas fireplace, or gas pizza oven. We can only classify them by type.

Whether you have a gas fireplace or outdoor grill, you can find custom gas pipe burners for almost any type of gas-powered equipment.

  • BNPARTS_Tubular Gas Burner

    It’s mainly used for water heaters, boilers, Stoves, Fireplaces, Air heaters, and Catering equipment.

  • U Burner
    U Burner

    It’s mainly used for Gas Grills, Gas Fire Pit, and Gas Fireplace.

  • H Burner
    H Burner

    It’s mainly used for Gas fire pits and Gas Dryers.

  • L Shape Burner
    L Shape Burner

    It’s mainly used for Gas fire pits, Gas fireplaces, and Gas grills.

  • HVAC Burner
    HVAC Burner

    It’s mainly used for Gas furnaces and RV Furnaces.

  • Commercial Gas Burner
    Commercial Gas Burner

    They are designed for super-fast Chinese wok cooking.

  • Infrared Burner
    Infrared Burner

    It’s mainly used for Gas grills and Gas heaters.

Gas Burner Pipe Supplier

At BNGAS, we sell natural gas burners and liquid gas burners.

Custom fabrication and solutions for furnace components and parts. Materials processed include metal, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet. Capabilities include shearing and forming, CNC plasma cutting, machining, and welding.

They are serving the gas fireplace, oven, stove, heater, and boiler industries.

Gas Burner Series
Bngas New Tubular Burner

Gas Burner Pipe Quality Control

In this video, the diameter of the tubular burner is 2.36″ (60mm), and it fits various makes and models of gas grills, heaters, and laundry dryers.

Their material is 430 stainless steel. The length can be customized. The maximum total length is 980 mm.

We do a final inspection of the products ready for shipment and pack them into cartons once they pass.

One-stop Solution
for Gas Heating

Consider BNGAS your One-Stop Solution for most of your heating needs, or you can turn to us for solutions to help you perfect your product.

At BNGAS Ltd., we know that no one wants to live with broken or malfunctioning heaters and heating systems during the cold fall and winter months.

We are aware of the dangers posed by worn, damaged, or malfunctioning heating equipment and have made solving heating problems one of our top priorities.

Gas Burner Kit

Flexible Customized Production Process

Punching Process For RV Burner
Drying Baker For Tubular Burner

In the custom gas heating parts industry, it is almost impossible to achieve fully automated production. Because nearly all customers require gas burners with different requirements, only other production processes can be developed for different types of products.

We can also set up automatic production lines when the customer’s annual demand reaches a certain quantity.

Atmospheric (injection) Gas Burners

Low heat output hot-water boilers
Low heat output hot-water boilers

There are two types of burners – Atmospheric (injection) Gas Burners and Blast Gas Burners with closed combustion chambers. An important difference between gas boilers from each other lies only in the gas burner unit.

Before choosing a boiler, it is necessary to consider in advance: what kind of burner is needed, the principle of operation, the function of the device, advantages, and disadvantages.

The same gas supply as the traditional gas stove. 

Atmospheric (injection) gas burners

In atmospheric  (injection) gas burners, the gaseous fuel is supplied through the nozzle, which draws in air from the surrounding space due to the draft force. The mixture then enters the combustion chamber through an opening, igniting.

In general, the principle of operation is similar to that of the industrial furnace. In this combustion, a flare with a flame of relatively low temperature is formed above the opening in the combustion chamber. This design is the simplest and sufficiently reliable so that it can be used for all types of boilers, from cheap to expensive.

Atmospheric gas burner Test
Custom Gas Burner for Different Industries

BNGAS can fabricate gas burner parts for your applications, send us your drawing and get our best quote.

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