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BNGAS has 16 years of experience in the brass fittings manufacturing industry. We only use quality-tested materials because we know that high-quality things are made using high-quality materials.

  • Brass couplers
  • Brass hose fittings
  • Brass adapters
  • Gas jets

What is Brass Fittings?

Brass is a popular material used for making pipe fittings. Brass is mainly composed of copper and zinc alloy (primarily). That’s why they are in high demand because of some inherent properties which better than other materials. Brass Fittings can be used for gas, chemicals, fire sprinkler systems, carrying water, etc. Brass Fittings have a wide variety of shapes and thread dimensions to connect, allowing any air or liquid flow in a pipe or tube.

Brass is an easily machinable material, it can be machined into any shape for various fittings.

  • The relative softness of the metal allows for tight connections and easy installation.
  • Brass is more solid and conducive to air and liquid flow than plastic materials.
  • Fittings made of brass have better high-temperature ductility and cold flexibility.
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Product By Bngas Models

Our primary lines: include Brass gauge and nut, Gas Jets, Compression, Pipe and Garden Fittings. We also carry fittings in iron, stainless, and cast brass; as well as valves and Copper & Aluminium tubing.


Inlet Connection: POL (0.880”-14NGO-LH Male)

Outlet Connection: CGA600 (1”-20 UNEF)


Inlet Connection: 1/4” RV Quick Connect

Outlet Connection: 17” and 22” Blackstone Grill


Connection: CGA600 (1”-20UNEF )

Connection: 7/16”-28 UNEF


Inlet Connection: 1/4” Quick-connect

Outlet Connection: 1/4” NPT


Inline Quick Release Fitting Coupling for 8mm i-d propane-butane gas Hose


GAS Test Point Valve Propane Butane Male 3/8” x Female 3/8”

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Product of Gas Jets

Please feel free to ask us about gas injectors, and we have a wide variety of gas jets for you. Here are just some of the common styles.

  • Gas Hob Jet Test Point Adaptor Tool
    Gas Hob Jet Test Point Adaptor

    The Gas Hob Jet Test Point Adaptor replaces an M6×0.75 standard thread jet on a gas hob, which can be pressure readings. It is the most common thread size on any European-made home gas appliance

  • M6x0.75 Standard Thread
    M6x 0.75 Nozzles

    Standard M6 x 0.75 thread, Diameter 7mm across the flat, Height 9mm, Various Orifice Sizes

    Suitable for the majority of all gas appliances made in Europe, can be used for gas burners, ovens and grills

  • M6x1.0
    M6x1.0 Nozzles

    M6 x 1.0 Thread, Head 7mm, Height 11.6mm, Various Orifice Sizes

    These jets are not common, especially in Europe

  • M5x0.8
    M5x 0.80 Nozzles

    M5 x 0.80 Thread, Head 5.5mm, Height 9mm, Various Orifice Sizes

    Quite commonly used on Bosch Neff and Siemens gas appliances, especially as an internal wok burner nozzle

  • M7×1.0
    M7 x 1.0 Nozzles

    M7 x 1.0 Thread, Head 9 mm, Various Orifice Sizes

    Suitable for Beko All Gas Freestanding Cookers for the Grill, Oven or Burners

  • M8×1.0
    M8×1.0 Nozzles

    M8 x 1.0 Thread, Head 12 mm, The Head Fits a 10mm Spanner or Socket Head

    Orifice Sizes Available:  0.97mm 1.06mm 1.15mm

  • 2&3 Bar Burner Jets
    Wok Cooker Burner Jets

    Replacement Nozzles for 2&3 Bar BBQ Chinese Wok Cooker Burner Commercial

  • Duke 213532 Burner with Cap
    Duke 213532 Burner with Cap

    Duke 213532 Burner Nozzle, Gas 1000 Btu W/Cap for NG/LPG

  • Duoflam Cooker Burner Jet
    Duoflam Cooker Burner Jet

    NG/LPG – Duoflam Cooker Burners Only 32 Jet Model S17-3

BNGAS® Brass Fittings Features


Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, has long been used in domestic and industrial plumbing because it is resilient and retains its condition for many years.


Brass can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore it can take on any plumbing job. This is the advantage of its versatility.

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion and rust can cause wear and tear, so it is necessary to use brass to avoid this. This is because it is a highly corrosion-resistant metal.

Withstand High Temperatures
High Temperatures

It can not only withstand high temperatures but is also fireproof, and has good electrical conductivity and ductility at high temperatures during the use of hot water.

BNGAS Fittings Manufacturing Capabilities

BNGAS engineers produce custom Brass Fittings from high-quality and robust raw materials. With the help of high-speed precision equipment, we ensure that the finished parts are made to the customer’s satisfaction.

In addition, BNGAS’s inspection process includes laser typing, microscopic inspection, leakage meter testing, and appearance inspection. We follow the “Quality and Service First” principle, which guarantees highly accurate and precise Brass Fittings.

Choose BNGAS to customize your Brass Fittings!

BNGAS Fittings Manufacturing Capabilities
Laser Inscription

High-quality Gas Jets Orifice Nozzles

BNGAS guarantees strict adherence to the details required by the drawings during the production process according to your requirements. Here are some of the applications that require Gas Jets.

Global Brass Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier

At Bngas, we’re always focusing on three things: making good quality, offering competitive prices, and providing the best after-service. As a global brass fittings manufacturer, we ensure that the highest industry standards produce every product.

We not only produce standard-size fittings but also customize the products you need.

Brass Fittings Packaging

We are the One-Stop Solution for Custom Brass Fittings

Custom Brass Fittings
Custom Brass Fittings_1

Before you order custom fittings, we recommend you check our catalog. With our experience and selection of fittings we offer, we may already have the fittings you need. Our professional staff is glad to help you find exactly what you want.

However, if you can’t find the fittings you require, we are eager to customize your needed fittings.



  • “Great quality and they don’t restrict flow as much as the plastic fittings.”
  • “Really nothing to complain about here, they are as expected and work. What else do you want?”
  • “Quality brass parts, worked perfectly.”
  • “I needed several fittings and they customized them according to my samples. These work perfectly!”
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