Your Reliable Supplier
For Gas Heater Parts
Bngas provides gas heater parts and customized gas combustion system solutions.
Your Reliable Supplier
For Gas Heater Parts
Bngas provides gas heater parts and customized gas combustion system solutions.
Your Reliable Supplier
For Gas Heater Parts
Bngas provides gas heater parts and customized gas combustion system solutions.
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Custom Products According To Your Requirements
As a Chinese-based manufacturer of gas heater parts products, Bngas is uniquely positioned to accommodate your requirements for custom gas appliances.
From Original Design To Complete Solution

Our professional design team focuses on each project to provide a satisfactory solution. We have whole experience working on this.

100% Quality From Sample To Volume Production

We produce strictly according to customer requirements and carry out performance testing and 100% quality passed before delivery.

Featured Products

BNPARTS_Tubular Burners-1

Tubular Burner Series

The tubular burner is a popular product in gas heater parts, which is part of the premixed burner series and burns through primary and secondary air.

The burner is made of stainless steel, and the second and third series of gases can be used simply by replacing the injector. With a few exceptions, there is no need to adjust the air.

The flame is quiet and can adjust about 40-50% heat capacity. Treats torches furnace gas, not monoblock, pilot, without the built-in fan and the management device (Gas-rings).

Main Market: USA, Russia


  • Exporting 1 million burners per year
  • Exporting 600,000 electrodes per year
  • The LARGEST gas heater parts manufacturer in China
  • The LARGEST variety of Pilot Burner and ODS products in China
  • The LONGEST customer cooperation time has been 15 years since 2007
  • 84.7% of customers cooperating more than 5 Years

Featured Gas Heater Parts

We supply parts to the most popular OEM brand to ensure quality and the lowest pricing.


  • Raw Materials Quality Control
  • Lighting Test before Delivery
  • Dimensional Control In Production
  • Pressure Control In Production

Our Certificates


Why Bngas is Trusted by 1600+ Clients

Service as Excellent as Quality

16+ Years Experience
Since 2007, Chinese Leading Gas Heater Parts Manufacturer. We are not just offering gas accessories but also providing combustion system solutions that save your overall cost and improves productivity.
Customer Satisfaction
As a professional supplier of gas heater parts, meeting our customer's needs is our top priority. Our team of experts is always available to listen to your unique needs and develop practical solutions accordingly.
Strict Quality Control
ISO9001, CE, SGS and CSA certificated. All components are 100% past our quality inspection. For example, Dimensional Control, Pressure Control, and we will carry out tests for every batch of goods before shipment.
Fast order processing
Top sales and professional skills make it easy to communicate with you, and all Bngas engineers will stand by your side. Whether pre or post-sales, they will respond to your inquiries and solve your problems.

1000+ Project
Gas application scenario

Gas Fireplace Project_Bngas

How BNGAS Supports Your Business

OEM & ODM Available
OEM & ODM Available

Whether you want to have your logo engraved on the gas appliance parts or want to design it differently, we can give you a design proposal according to your requirements.

7×24 Support
7×24 Available Support

You can contact our sales during the day via email, phone or video conference anytime. We will also respond to your emails within 6 hours during off-hours.

Minimum Order Quantity
Start With Low MOQ

If you want to wholesale gas water heater parts, the minimum order quantity we support for the first order is 500-1,000 pieces. Please feel free to ask our sales staff for details.

  • Bosch
  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • Suburban
  • LG
  • Rheem
  • Carrier
  • Hisense
  • Robertshaw

One Stop Solution Provider

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